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About NUtec

Technical Expertise

NUtec Digital Ink’s founding members have over a century of combined experience and are recognised as specialists in the ink manufacturing sector.

The company has a widely respected track record in digital ink innovation and creativity with a reputation for rapid development of various ink designs.

As industry pioneers in the design, development & manufacture of digital printing inks, the company offers:

  • Long term relationships with OEMs and distribution partners
  • An R&D team focused on providing innovative solutions for demanding applications.
  • Development tools which include fully equipped laboratories and print rooms.
  • Multiple quality control stages for every product manufactured.
  • Full traceability and accountability for each ink batch produced.


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NUtec manufactures OEM quality digital printing ink with batch-to-batch consistency, long-run print reliability and exceptional image quality.

Inks are produced through proprietary, state of the art manufacturing processes and offered in a wide variety of packaging solutions including pouches/bags, cartridges and bottles.

NUtec’s unique 4-stage quality control system ensures the highest quality of products from raw material to finished ink.

Pigment dispersions are created at the very beginning of the manufacturing process, ensuring particle size consistency and milling at the nano level.

Proprietary equipment and procedures allow complete control over the entire manufacturing process, ensuring only the highest quality ink before final packaging.

The NUtec packaging and labelling department packages inks to customer’s specifications, while the regulatory department ensures that all international chemical safety regulations are followed.

An in-house maintenance and engineering department services and customizes all NUtec plant and machinery, ensuring smooth running and limited downtime in manufacturing.

Once the product leaves the factory, a dedicated logistics and customer care team handles and monitors the shipping and distribution of NUtec inks.


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R&D Capabilities

NUtec employs a dynamic Research and Development (R&D) team which includes:

  • Chemists specialising in UV curable, water-based and solvent digital ink development.
  • Print head, rheology and waveform specialists.
  • Integration specialists for single pass and multi pass systems.
  • Engineering specialists for auxiliary component design.

Development tools based at NUtec’s premises include:

  • Print head laboratories with drop watcher and waveform analysis tools.
  • Independent UV curable, water-based and solvent digital ink laboratories.
  • R&D Print rooms with the relevant printer platforms for ink development.
  • Environmental simulation rooms to replicate seasonal temperature and humidity conditions.
  • Complete ink characterisation to ISO standards to ensure final product and application performance.
  • State of the art accelerated aging test facility.

The NUtec  R&D team has developed, amongst others, an Environment Responsible Product (ERP) line of digital printing inks, that contains no Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs) as defined by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), making the inks safer for both the printer operator and for the environment.


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Labs & QC Facilities

At NUtec, analytical chemists verify the robustness of all ink designs throughout the multiple stages of QC.

Quality control tests conducted by the analytical team include:

  • Surface tension
  • viscosity
  • particle size
  • printing properties
  • wear & tear
  • crack stress testing
  • colour
  • shelf life stability

Retained samples of final products are held in store for traceability.

The NUtec quality system ensures reliable batch-to-batch consistency.

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Chemical Regulatory Compliance

NUtec employs a dedicated team to ensure that all inks produced comply with international regulations for both manufacture and shipping. As an example, this would include assisting clients in Europe to be REACH compliant.

Country and region-specific safety labelling laws as well as chemicals handling laws are referenced.

Safety data sheets are produced to ensure that all NUtec products adhere to local and international regulations before leaving the factories. This includes the latest global GHS chemical classification and labelling compliance.

The NUtec chemical regulatory and compliance department monitors international laws ensuring products’ labelling and classifications are always up to date.


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