Did you know that ...

Did you know that ERP stand for Environmental Responsible Products?

NUtec Digital Ink has developed a comprehensive range of Solvent Inks, named Emerald E12, and branded with the “ERP” logo. The NUtec ERP ink products do not contain any HAP’S (Hazardous Air Pollutants). NUtec ERP ink products also don’t contain Ozone depleting substances. NUtec ERP ink products have higher exposure limits, making these products the safer choice. Exposure limits is the extent to which a person may be safely exposed to a hazardous substance without causing harm to the health of those exposed.  


What are Hazardous Air Pollutants?

Hazardous air pollutants, also known as toxic air pollutants or air toxics, are those pollutants that are known or suspected to cause cancer or other serious health effects, such as reproductive effects or birth defects, or adverse environmental effects. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) is working with state, local, and tribal governments to reduce air emissions of 187 toxic air pollutants to the environment. In comparison with many other solvent Inks Brands, the NUtec ERP labeled solvent inks do not contain Hazardous Air Pollutants.

So, what are the Health and Environmental Effects of Hazardous Air Pollutants?

People exposed to toxic air pollutants at sufficient concentrations and durations may have an increased chance of getting cancer or experiencing other serious health effects. These health effects can include damage to the immune system, as well as neurological, reproductive (e.g., reduced fertility), developmental, respiratory and other health problems. In addition to exposure from breathing air toxics, some toxic air pollutants such as mercury can deposit onto soils or surface waters, where they are taken up by plants and ingested by animals and are eventually magnified up through the food chain. Like humans, animals may experience health problems if exposed to sufficient quantities of air toxics over time.

VOC’S, what?

VOC stands for Volatile Organic Compound. While VOCs can also be a health concern outdoors, the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) regulates VOCs outdoors based on their photochemical reactivity. The EPA has defined a list of VOC exempt compounds deemed as having negligible photochemical reactivity. These are compounds that do not contribute to the emissions of VOC. Ozone depleting substances(ODSs) contribute to the depletion of the ozone as they break down to release chlorine and bromine atoms. The EPA has also defined a list of ODSs. In comparison with many other solvent Inks brands, the NUtec ERP labeled solvent inks do not contain Ozone Depleting Substances.


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