Did you know that ...

Did  you know that the NUtec Aquamarine Sublimation Inks have extreme high transfer efficiency? This means less ink is required to get dense quality output. Less ink, also means lighter grammage paper can be used. Both very important cost saving aspects.

What is Sublimation Ink Printing?
The science behind sublimation printing is when the printed sublimation ink is heated to a high temperature, the ink turns into a gas, allowing it to enter into the open pores of a polyester or polyester-coated item. Once removed from the heat, the pores of the item cool and close up, trapping the ink (and image) inside the surface of the item. The sublimated image will be smooth to the touch and is a permanent application. Sublimation works specifically with light-colored polymer-coated substrates, or 100% white polyester garments.

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