Did you know that ...

Did you know that NVC or Vcap is very bad for your health?

What’s NVC or Vcap?

N-vinylcaprolactum, also known as NVC or Vcap, is a reactive monomer used in digital ink jet UV curing and screen printing inks. According to the toxicological Regulation in the European Union (REACH), NVC is not only Harmful if swallowed, but could also cause a variety of allergic reactions and damage to skin and eyes as well as Liver and Respiratory system through prolonged or repeated exposure.

Although this is on the candidate list for being band from use in the EU, still most of all UV inks available make use of the chemical substance N-vinylcaprolactum. We are very pleased that we can offer one of industries first N-vinylcaprolactum free UV ink for the digital printing segment.


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